This section for those who are entangled in game progress. Basically, we will tell you how to find a particular quest and start it.


The first quest with Galina

It’s all just talk to her, then flirting until her depravity rise up to the level of 30. After that, quest starts itself. Next acts according to text.


The first quest with Marina and father

You need to rise Marina depravity to 30 mark by flirting with here during the day. When depravity will reach 30, watched her as she helps your father. From there, the quest starts. Peep 2 times, the third SG comes into the office. There is a choice, take the money, then skip the second part of the quest. Select Marina and the quest goes on (your stats with father should not be less than 30, as well as incest knowledge MC, but also it is written in the text of this). Then will be threesome scene. Then back to fathers office during working hours, dont forget about good behavior. Then ask Marina to introduce MC with her friend. Again, go to the father and there will be scene in gym, that ends with fail. ? Then every day after 17:00 it is possible to go to Irina (girlfriend) out of the room MC. Please bring flowers and 10,000 rubles. Scene with Irina at her home. Then we come father’s office and go to the last stage in the quest, there will be foursome scene.

Second Quest Marina

Once you got to know through the Drake Event with Vika, go to the garage in the afternoon and start the quest. Next, all the text and the prompts. Yes, we call a taxi from the room MC at night.

The third quest Marina

When you complete second quest, head to Marina’s house and talk to her in the kitchen. Then make a choice which one you like, see, nothing complicated. Then we go by taxi for the toys out of the room MC. When we are at home, go back to the marina when she in kitchen and after certain events start to use the services of an assistant every day.


The first quest Mom
After passing the first quest with Marina and father, go at 21:00 to the bedroom of the parents (usually parents have sex at this time), we see that all goes not so well. Watching dialogue 3 times (21:00) until there is written that parents simply sleep. Then at 20:00 masturbate in your room. We went out on a quest with mother. There’s my 2 or 3 times as she comes. Quest completed.

Second Quest Mom

Once we passed the first quest, catch the Event in the parents’ room in the morning, watch the scene. The next day we arrive at the same place and time, the second part. For the third time in the parents’ bedroom MC waits for something more ..

The third quest Mom

Complete second quest, go to the parents’ room (from 9 to 10 am), watch and read. Then get a quest and begin to flow, the mechanics is that the MC should be throughout the day to raise the mother’s desire, and then open new actions and as soon as the counter (in the quest menu) will be filled then we walk back to 9 am in the parents’ room. Watch the final scene, and enjoy blowjobs from mom every day.


The first quest Vika

Once the value of her depravity is 30, then go to the pool and watch the scene with Drake. Then we go to the new stages of the quest menu “Quests”, then we visit sister in the shower, then her room and so on prompts from the same menu “Quests”. And remember, one day, one act of the quest.


Fucking Irina with father

Actions are opened once you have passed the first quest with Marina. To start Event, go to quests “what if”. Further in the text.


The first quest with Angelina

Once you achieve Angelina corruption to 20 points, come into her room while she is having sex with her boyfriend. Next, all the text, the first choice affects only the bonus scene. All other opening event taking place in her room, except the last one. It must be in the room to catch MC from 6 to 9 pm, she will come to you.


The first quest with Inna

After reaching the 20 depravity Inna, we come to the guest house from 12 to 18 hours and begin the quest. All other tips where and how much will be in the quest menu.

With new versions of game, we will update quests walkthrough.

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15/05/2019 10:33 pm

hope you and your family should be fine with the blessing of Godi am using a translate qsp of your game i have a problem with Galina quest because when quest start’s she said to come tomorrow so will talk with a cool mind and bring the massage oil with gg there is no time when will come i went several time to servant quarter but nothing happened i bought massage oil is there any other quest i need to complete first because of that i cannot complete Vika ques also kindly guide me i shall be thankful to you

30/12/2021 2:43 am

Lovely game. Difficult to navigate.

02/05/2022 5:34 pm

Hi guys, i’m really struggling in a part here, guys do you know how to skip the trip? or how to have success on it;

02/05/2022 5:35 pm
Reply to  Yung

The trip with MC mother