Отчет #36 // News #36

Since for the update dedicated to Angelina there will be several options for passing her story, it’s time to think about the technical and gameplay part. […]

Отчет #35 // News #35

     After the previous report on the planned new features, many users said that they did not quite like the gif images because of the […]

Отчет #34 // News #34

In the time since the last report, we have reviewed the idea of the Angelina update and decided to make a few innovations. It was decided […]

Отчет #33 // News #33

Earlier we told that the learning process speed of deepfake models depends more on the graphics card performance. Though these days graphics cards are a luxury […]

MBF 0.17.1

To run the latest version of the game you need to download the new client (check email). Please note that the game is now run through […]

MBF 0.17

After a long time MBF GAMES starts releasing updates. Now the full description of new features will be published on a separate page with a special […]